Ego Flip

I have been humbled by the situation and positions I’ve found myself in lately. At times when I have the least, I find myself unveiling this unconditional love for myself. Building this foundation for my growth. Reinventing my strength and courage to reach for a higher state of knowledge, experience, and life. I would also encourage others to take the same approach and reflect on your privileges when you feel less and have less.

Life has hit me for the first time in years. Today I realized that it is okay to not be okay. I learned that you don’t always win every battle. Frankly, you don’t have to win it all in order to win, you know? Don’t we all wish for a Miami Dolphins 72′ outcome for everything we wish for ourselves? It is just in our innate being to expect that result and when we don’t get it, we collapse. In the midst of my challenges, going face-to-face with my opponent, I did not collapse. Instead, I used my situation to allow me to see others more clearly.

I have been constrained by money like most Americans, most college students, and many others dealing with life. However, the difference is I am genuinely happy and my mindset can accomodate some plasticity. I have an amazing support system, a higher education experience, and a great job. I am grateful because my basic necessities are met. Moreover, living in my dream city, being walking distance to my work and clinical placement at Swedish and Harborview, and most importantly a debt-free, loan-free education. Priceless.

However, I see where many do not have the pleasure or privilege to say the same. As I reflected on my situation of living within a budget, I also saw my privileges clearer and the challenges of others got more sharper. As a public health student and aspiring nurse, I am taught to pick up those inequities and meet people where they are in life and help them build from there. Thus, in every unfortunate situation I find myself in, I always negate it because someone out there is dealing with the same thing, but may not have the support system, the education, or the resources to bounce back. These socio-economic disparities put vulnerable populations at more risk than they can understand. As someone who has connections to these resources, I am socially responsible to reflect within myself and to extend help where I can. The lesson here is count your blessings and appreciate situations that humble you. A flip of the ego will keep you grounded.



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